Cash Camp Review

cash-camp-logoCash Camp is a binary trading software program designed to help traders predict the trend on the market and win big profits. This software evaluates market conditions so traders can determine their next move. It also provides various techniques to help traders trade successfully without using any complicated indicators or interpreting graphs. However, this is not one of the unique features of this software system.

Cash Camp offers its users a contest with a $10,000 prize for its associates who submit more deals in order to receive a bonus from their binary options brokers. Apparently, your bonus will fund into your account until you reach an extremely high profit as a result of your trades with their system. The creators of Cash Camp also state that you can earn over $10,000 is just nine days.

There are quite a few other confusing promises they make can be randomly found on their website, such as their software comes with a 30 day free trial. This is in contrast to their introductory video, in which they claim the software system is 100% free of charge. In yet another section of the website, they state that the initial free trial is only for ten days. Their facts are totally contradictory which is extremely unprofessional and seriously misleading. Also, on the Cash Camp website it states that users will not be required to make a credit card or any other form for payment. However, this is not guaranteed as part of the withdrawal process.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– Website is aesthetically appealing
– Fully automated


– No demo account
– Customer service and support is unreliable
– Does not provide signal charts and graphs
– Time frame, profitability and winning ratio are completely unrealistic
– Software is not free after initial trial period

QDA Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

Cash Camp Scam

We have studied many different reviews about Cash Camp, but we did not find any positive reviews not learn enough information about this system to determine if they are reliable. At the present moment, we highly recommend that you look for better software programs if you are serious about trading binary options.

Cash Camp Software

There is no way that Cash Camp software is going to earn its users millions of dollars in just a matter of days. No binary options trading system is going to make you a millionaire overnight. Al Cash Camp offers essentially is helpful support.


cash camp

Cash Camp Results

We found that the Cash Camp website is extremely difficult to navigate, which is frustrating for new traders. As we watched the video for proof of results, we kept getting multiple annoying pop ups from the homepage. The video contains various claims form the creator stating that we generates incomes of over $8,000, but we could find no proof this this statement is in fact true. This is the case with so many binary options trading software system.

Cash Camp Complaints

We could not find any positive users reviews so at this point and time, we cannot recommend Cash Camp. We advise you to proceed with caution. If you wish to trade with any binary options trading software, you should also practice trading with the free demo account before using actual money. We feel that you can find much more reliable binary options automated trading systems and brokers. And remember, you should only sign up with a broker who is regulated.


Not ReliableAt this time, until we find more solid information on this system,  we do not recommend Cash Camp. The software is not reliable and we have no proof at this time that it produces the profits they initially promise.  Proceed with caution or find a registered broker or more reliable trading system.


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