Ultimate4Trading Review

Ultimate4TradingThe Ultimate4Trading platform is a very basic operating system when it comes to binary options signal software. The signals are designed for high/low options or 60 second options. You will not have the ability to do automated trading, all you have to do is watch for fresh signal and then make your trade. You simply select the amount you wish to trade as default and with one click you can then place a trade.


Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: Signal Service
Max Returns: Up to 70%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– Demo account


– Limited trade options
– Only 1 broker to choose
– Poor charting system
– No alert sounds

QDA Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service


In our careful review of the software, the one question we found is what exactly is Ultimate4Trading using to base their signals? With the 60 Second Option we shown a signal called “Buy a Call on Gold.” However, this options lasted for an hour rather than sixty seconds. The time in which you place your bet is critical with 60 second options, it literally means the difference between a win and a loss.

According to their homepage Ultimate4Trading offers a “ground-breaking algorithm that is so accurate that more than three out of every 4 trades have been a success.”

With a top date coordinate of just one day, we feel the charting is extremely inadequate. For the majority of the time during our Ultimate4Trading review, it only displays 5 minutes or an hours’ worth of info. And the charts are ancient line charts, which no serious trader even uses anymore.

Their software platform is only set to deal with 1 broker. However, if you are interested in registering with another broker, it will not make the necessary accommodation. The system is also lacking alert notifications, as well as the ability to select which assets for which you would like to receive alerts.


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The Winning Demo

During the review, when we tested the system, not to our surprise, our trade did profit. Keep in mind that when you are utilizing the demo mode, keep in mind that this is not in fact a genuine live trade. It is essentially designed to give you an ideas as to how to their platform operates and in no way are the signals accurate. Of course you will profit during the demo trade, they are trying to get you to stick with their service.


Ultimate4Trading review



Not ReliableUltimate4Trading is not safe or reliable. For those who are looking for a reliable binary option robot or broker. Please check out below our currently updated list of most reputable binary option robot and brokers.


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